About Us

Eve Activities Ltd, UIC 204860483 is a registered company in Bulgaria with the main activity: Ecommerce of goods and services; Purchase of goods or other goods for resale in original or processed form; creation and maintenance of websites; sale of goods from own production; commissions and forwarding transactions; advertising transactions or transactions in the provision of other services; commercial representation and mediation; leasing, as well as any other non-prohibited by law, organized as an enterprise, which according to subject and volume requires its actions to be conducted in a commercial manner, in compliance with the respective permits and licensing regimes.

Websites: EveAds.net; EveShares.net; SmartBux.net are not owned by Eve Activities Ltd. Eve Activities Ltd uses Paid Services - Domain, Hosting and Support provided by https://www.ptcqsolutions.com/. Upon registration, each user agrees to terms of service or rules of the websites.

Relevant (terms of service or rules), can be seen always, during the registration process and before registration. In the event of disagreement, the user may interrupt his registration process.

Current users do not need to re-agree to the terms of service and site policies.

Live Statistics

  • Started:Sep 22, 2017
  • Running days:154
  • Total accounts:233
  • Total deposited:$ 110577.30
  • Total withdraw:$ 4599.45
  • Visitors online:7
  • Last deposit:$ 379.74 (Bludya)
  • Last withdraw:$ 25.00 (valkodav)

Referral Commission

Up to 7%